Rent rooms in San Miniato (Pisa)

Leaning against the ancient walls of the castrum stood wooden huts, the first pre-urban nucleus just outside the entrance to the castle. There arrived - and still does today - the road that comes from the plain to the north. The small village teems with simple and fearless life, every now and then a Franciscan passes by and heads briskly towards the convent. We are in the Middle Ages and while San Miniato grows in importance due to its imperial role, the village also slowly evolves. Attention, we are on the crest of a hill, space is limited and so it happens that the topography of the city in the 16th century is already practically the same as it is now... it will never change. At the beginning of the 17th century, in place of the wooden huts leaning against the walls, the building was erected which - renovated several times - now houses ANTIBOTI. The peculiarity of our structure is to offer a comfortable, connected, safe, aesthetically satisfying stay (see gallery), and immersed in the magic of a medieval village and its history.